Meli Studio

Telling the story of an innovative interior design firm through a stylish and elegant website.

Meli Studio is an award winning Sydney based interior design firm who specialise in commercial work with a particular focus on the Aged Care Sector and hospitality providing services to Hotels & Restaurants. Their residential interior design projects are defined by stylish interiors in upmarket homes in the best suburbs. 

Website design and development

Following our Think, Design, Develop strategy, the team at nucleo partnered with Meli Studios to create a stylish new website design that was functional and oozed style and personality. Then our talented developers implemented the design into a sleek, fast website to connect with clients and facilitate lead generation.

Branding and creative design

For Meli Studio, having a dedicated nucleo project management team meant that their website vision was accurately carried through from beginning to end, with clear and open communication every step of the way. The result was an outstanding commercial website showcasing the work of Meli Studios to their ideal customers, and resulting in an increased generation in clicks and leads.

Our approach


Our marketing team worked closely with Meli Interiors to understand the core values of their brand, what they wanted to achieve and focus on presenting a luxurious appeal to their desired target market. 


We involved our designers from the outset of the project to work with Meli Interiors to build a site that was aesthetically and visually appealing, while also delivering a high level of performance to the end user. nucleo was able to tailor a visual brand that was luxurious, sumptuous and elegant in feel. 


Our custom website design brought all the elements together in a cohesive way through branding, customised messaging, and an engaging and appealing customer experience.

Project outcomes

Target focused marketing

Following our Think, Design, Develop strategy, the team at nucleo partnered with Meli Studios to completely refresh the branding and create a stylish website design that is both functional and beautiful with personality. The user is guided through a visual and aesthetic journey of projects and topics using a minimalist palette and the stunning images of recent projects delivered. We introduced a mega menu, designed a delicate and unique process flow and devised project display elements and pages to showcase their amazing work and awards. Copywriting support was provided by our team to enhance the story behind Meli Studio, and the final result speaks for itself. 

Unique branding

The Meli Studio had subtle but bold improvements applied to strengthen and consolidate their familiar logo and a set of sub logos were designed and produced to represent their commercial sectors. New fonts and text standards were agreed and new brand guidelines were produced to enable all future marketing to align to the new standards. The result was a visually engaging and discerningly elegant website targeted to their ideal customer.

Increased online revenue

A new custom website was designed in consultation with the Meli team to achieve their desired goals of being visually appealing whilst covering a large volume of information in a clean, clear design. At the same time they wanted to maintain the integrity of their projects for commercial clients and homeowners visiting the website. 

The outcome of the project has been an increase in the quality of leads visiting their website and making enquiries about working with them.