MHCC Reimagine Today

The Mental Health Coordinating Council is an important high level resource for mental health services in New South Wales.

They provide invaluable support to the community through a range of programs and resources aimed at connecting people with appropriate services.

MHCC required a website refresh for their Reimagine Today program, to enhance the appeal and accessibility of their services and information. The project involved refreshing the design of the website to suit all modern internet browsers, improving user flow and prioritising information to ensure a positive end user experience.

What we did

Website Design and Development

Our highly skilled web design team put together an accessible website that functioned impeccably and fulfilled all the requirements of the client and intended audience. nucleo excels in building bespoke user experiences that make organisations shine.


The nucleo media production team love nothing more than to sink their teeth into designing animations to bring branding to life. With the Reimagine Today project, it had the added bonus of increasing accessibility and bringing important information to people who needed it most.

Software Development

In today’s digitally rich environment, a web presence needs to extend beyond the website itself. That’s why our software developers worked with MHCC to bring their Reimagine Today workbook to life as an easy to use phone application that transformed this amazing resource and extended its reach to a new audience.

Our approach


When creating websites it’s important to consider the intended audience and how they will be interacting with it. Reimagine Today was a project that needed to be accessible to a wide range of users with varying accessibility requirements.


Our team created a design that looks good, is easy to navigate and translated into different languages. Additionally, there were a lot of interactive features in the site that needed to be easy to use and function flawlessly.

MHCC had already created a library of resources that were well branded and full of fantastic information. Our aim was to extend their branding into a modernised website, and bring their resources to life in a new smart phone application, while still preserving the beautiful look and feel of their brand.


Modern technology is constantly changing and it’s important that our digital experiences are kept up to date accordingly. With the Reimagine Today project, we made sure that their amazing resources were brought forward in line with today’s technology, and made them available to a much larger audience.

We created a user experience that was intuitive and easily accessible to all users, and shared that principle across the website and the app. The goal of the Reimagine Today project is to connect people from all walks of life to essential NIDS services, so ease of use was an absolute priority in our design.

Project outcomes

Modern solutions

Updating their resources to be more accessible in the 21st century was a highly important aspect of the Reimagine Today project. nucleo partnered with MHCC to bring to life their workbook into a fully functional application, available through the Apple Store and Google Play. Ease of use and flawless functionality were essential, with the app being thoroughly trialled and tested during development.

Communication in motion

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animation is worth one hundred thousand. In addition to making written information more accessible, our media production team developed custom animations to help communicate information in non-written ways. Making things accessible is about giving people the power to do things without assistance, and our animations brought to life essential pieces of the Reimagine Today message.