Austockphoto is an artistic community that supports photographers, designers, agencies and organisations by providing an archive of true Australian images that resonate with authentic experiences.

Austockphoto needed a user-friendly website that was streamlined across all platforms and devices. The nucleo team developed a functional site that would allow users to easily access their database of images. This project was completed in collaboration with our friends at Boheem, a design and branding agency in Sydney.

Our approach


Competing against stock conglomerates like Shutterstock and iStock, Austockphoto needed an innovative website that would stand out from the crowd.

Both the nucleo and Boheem teams were eager to think outside the box and build a site that would stimulate engagement and revenue for the business.


The vision of the Austockphoto brand is to offer “beautiful, relevant Aussie content” in a collaborative online library.

We embraced this vision by developing an online experience that is eye-catching and bold, in addition to being streamlined across all platforms. Our digital solution centred around simplicity and accessibility, ensuring the images remain the focal point for users.


In order to build a fully-responsive and customised site, nucleo’s savvy software team used CMS integration, MySQL, a PHP Framework, and a sophisticated deployment process – with various Javascript techniques thrown in for good measure.

Put simply, these tools and techniques allow us to create a streamlined experience on a densely-visual website, while still providing easy access for the viewing and purchasing of images.

While these concepts sound complicated, they actually offer many advantages to the users of the site. When building our sites, we choose and use the content management systems, scripting language and databases that are best suited to our client’s individual requirements.

That’s how we are able to create dynamic and interactive websites that look incredible but are easy to grasp, making them ideal for business owners who have never managed a site before.

Project outcomes

A stunning user experience

Our team optimised the Austockphoto site to ensure positive user experience (UX) across all devices and platforms. Thus far, user feedback has reflected highly on the site’s usability. Web visitors are able to flick or scroll through the image database with ease, add photographs to their cart, view more images from any chosen photographer,  and search for specific types of images. We also incorporated multiple points of purchase to improve UX and increase conversion.

Collaborating our web talents

The process of building this website was a great one for our team, which introduced us to some additional tool to improve our future developments. Notably, it was during this project that we began using Unfuddle TEN. This powerful tagging and filtering report system allows us to track tasks, issues and bugs, and thus make improvements for a clean and cohesive site.

Our dedicated software and web team loves adding the latest and greatest tools to their knowledge for exceptional web development. Partnering with Boheem, we produced a user-friendly site that boasts the best in creative and technical functionality for Austockphoto’s growing brand.