Coffs Coast Accommodation

Making booking online an effortless experience with a user friendly online system, and promoting the Coffs region as a leading holiday destination.

Coffs Coast Accommodation offers a premier collection of managed holiday homes along the Coffs Coast, known for personalised service and quality stays. Their self-catered homes feature hotel-quality, sustainable and locally sourced amenities and starter packs, along with an optional tailored Concierge Service. Coffs Coast Accommodation are committed to providing a service focussed on inclusivity, environmental sustainability, supporting local and Australian businesses, and ultimately showcasing the best of what the Coffs Coast region has to offer guests. 

Coffs Coast Accommodation required a user friendly website that clearly communicated property availability and showcased a streamlined inquiry and booking system, while promoting the Coffs region as a leading holiday destination.

What we did


The main goal of this project was to ensure that the first impression of Coffs Coast Accommodation was thoroughly connected with users. Potential guests needed to be able to easily find a suitable property and book it instantly for their preferred dates.

Similar to Airbnb the user will enter their dates and available properties will be filtered and displayed. From this point there will also be further options to filter by size, price and other key features like number of bedrooms, air conditioning, proximity to beach, pools etc.


Commencing the endeavour, we shaped compelling design elements that consistently elevated the brand, making it stand out against a competitive holiday accommodation landscape and resonate with a target audience.

The outcome: a visually impressive and distinctive website that commands attention.


Our bespoke website design captures the brand’s essence and guarantees a seamless online interaction for holiday seekers. Acknowledging the website’s crucial role in shaping initial brand perceptions, we emphasised a positive user journey. Our objective was not just to attract visitors but also to cultivate repeat engagement. We meticulously curated an immersive user experience from inception to conclusion.

Project outcomes

Our focus was on delivering a standout design that aligns with the Coffs Coast Accommodation branding. Locally owned, inclusive with personalised service and quality stays. We formulated an informative, versatile, relaxed feel, user friendly website. Our intimate partnership with the Coffs Coast Accommodation team facilitated the translation of their fundamental principles into a strategic online presence. Implementing a custom WordPress design, we enhanced onsite analytics, mobile viewability, page load times, and search engine optimisation. The goal was to boost engagement, create repeat users, prolong session durations, reduce bounce rates and formulate a seamless booking process. 

You can now book effortlessly online using their user-friendly system.