Yarrila Arts and Museum

A visually striking, informative and accessible website, focussed on strengthening community engagement and growing the exploration of Australian art, history and culture.

Yarrila Arts and Museum (YAM), a new contemporary cultural hub, located in the heart of Coffs Harbour, and created to inspire and illuminate knowledge, arts, heritage, and community creativity. Focussed strongly on strengthening new community engagement and growing the exploration of Australian art, history and culture.

With the launch of YAM growing near a website was required to promote and inform the public about upcoming events and exhibitions, provide information on past events and collections and provide an online store utilising a Shopify POS system.

What we did


We set to work designing a website that embodies a clean and elegant gallery-style, characterised by pristine white backgrounds that provide a visually appealing canvas for rich imagery. It offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate engaging video content. The navigation is intuitive, ensuring straightforward browsing without overwhelming users with excessive animations or intricate elements. 


The design adheres to the YAM style-guide, incorporating its designated feature colours and fonts to maintain brand consistency. We Worked with Coffs Harbour City Council to create a design in-line with provided brand guidelines that would seamlessly integrate with marketing collateral and building signage. Accessibility challenges were flagged early on as being highly important for the YAM team and were carefully implemented inline to satisfy web accessibility guidelines. The YAM project needed careful planning of the sitemap and visitor journey to ensure all museum and event information was easy to find.


Development of the website began based on the intricate, yet seamless design using WordPress CMS for flexibility, ease of management and customizability to ensure high performance and accessibility. Along with a Shopify theme using similar branding to integrate into the gift shop POS hardware. The build prioritised website responsiveness on mobile devices, guaranteeing a seamless user experience across various screen sizes, while using a block-based modular development allowing the creation and display of complex page layouts. Additionally, translation functionality was created and integrated with Google translate to support accessibility for users.

Project outcomes

Our focus was on delivering a visually striking, minimalistic website to represent the brand new Yarrila Arts and Museum. We formulated an informative, versatile, relaxed feel, accessible and user friendly website. Our intimate partnership with YAM facilitated the translation of their fundamental principles into a strategic online presence. Implementing a custom WordPress design, we enhanced onsite analytics, mobile viewability, page load times, and search engine optimisation. The goal was to boost engagement, integrate a user-friendly road map, create repeat users, prolong session durations, reduce bounce rates and formulate a seamless website experience.