An industry leading and modern website, tailored to Warsash’s brand, helping to build recognition, trust and status as a leading scientific technology partner and consultant.

Warsash Scientific is a leading supplier of scientific instruments and components serving Australian and New Zealand research, defence and industry since 1976. Specialising in Nanopositioning, Spectroscopy, Photonics, Forensics, Vibration Analysis, Handheld Chemical ID and Thin Film technologies. 

Their mission is to introduce and support leading-edge technologies from around the world, and to advance Australian and New Zealand research & development, industry, law enforcement, defence and security. 

What we did


As a primary scientific and technical instrument supplier the Warsash website needed to inspire their clients to get in touch and work with them directly to arrange the supply of appropriate products to fulfil their professional needs. From prospective clients, suppliers, industry partners or government representatives, the website needed to present information and a story that resonated with their audience and aligned with their brand and reputation. 

Delving deep into the world of science and technology, a focus was placed on user flow and experience to heighten engagement with Warsash’s audience, deliver information efficiently and simply, enhance Warsash’s brand story, generate leads and simplify the inquiry process.


Revamping Warsash’s online presence, we centred our design on elevating their brand and facilitating an efficient user flow. We streamlined information delivery, simplifying their vast product range for easy categorization, while resonating their story to engage their target audience.


Crafting a superior user experience, we built an industry-leading website showcasing Warsash’s reputation and global scientific solutions. We prioritised impactful first impressions, ensuring a seamless user journey that simplifies exploration, generates leads, and streamlines inquiries.

Project outcomes

With a comprehensive grasp of Warsash’s industry significance, we tailored an innovative digital strategy. We created an industry leading website design tailored to Warsash to ensure the first impression of your website was comprehensive, informative and easy to navigate. The aim was to modernise and showcase Warsash’s trusted advice and supply of global scientific products and technology. Importantly, with an aim to simplify the large variety of products, categories and information making it easy to differentiate and review by type. Our redesign focused on elevating Warsash’s brand narrative while optimising the user journey. We restructured their vast product array for clarity, channelling their legacy into an engaging online story, fostering audience connection.