UNE Life

Custom built web services to enhance the University of New England student experience.

UNE Life is a culmination of entities and services dedicated to enhancing the experience of UNE students, staff and community through the provision of quality and innovative service both on-campus and in the wider Armidale community.

They provide a broad range of student services which need a modern, stylish digital hub to centralise their activities and make it easier for students to find the services they require. We worked closely with UNE Life to build a unique web platform that fulfilled all their requirements.

What we did

Website Design and Development

The nucleo web design team put together a sleek and functional custom designed website for this project, while making sure that branding and visual style was also accounted for. Our excellent communication with clients and dedicated project management team ensure that nothing gets overlooked along the way.

Our approach


UNE Life needed to bring 12 separate services into one easy to use, stylish website. This involved a high level of communication and problem solving to make sure we delivered the project according to requirements and containing all the necessary information.


The main goal was always to provide an easy to use portal that can connect UNE students with the essential services UNE Life provides quickly and efficiently. Our unique approach to custom web design allowed us to deliver a package that performs above expectations.

Uniting the different services that UNE Life was a key factor in this project. Our design and development teams worked closely with each other and our clients to ensure that this was maintained every step of the way.


It goes without saying that websites need to function well, but it takes skill and experience to deliver websites that deliver complex functionality with ease. Our development team has over 13 years experience in building websites, and it allows us to deliver functional solutions to our clients, big and small.

Organising information into easily accessible web pages and maintaining accuracy is a skill that nucleo has built on. The UNE Life project was no exception, and our project development team worked in close partnership with the client to make sure that nothing was overlooked. Our communication and accuracy is what sets us apart.

Project outcomes

Solidified Digital Presence

We built a modern and responsive UNE Life website that reflects the energy of the business, while looking contemporary and professional. It was also important to maintain a cohesive brand across all aspects of the design, while ensuring intuitive navigation.

Each individual UNE Life service entity needed to maintain their individuality whilst still enhancing the overall design. Our challenge was putting all of this together in a way that was simple for users to engage with, and easy for UNE Life to maintain.