Employing impactful aesthetics and intuitive navigation, we created a revitalised online presence via a dynamic modern website.

Consillion is a global and independent provider of cash management solutions, designed to help businesses minimise costs and eliminate inefficiencies around cash flow. Consillion supplies a broad range of fit-for-purpose cash automation solutions either sourced by leading technology partners or designed and manufactured at their dedicated production facility in the UK. Offering a comprehensive portfolio including self-service devices, smart safes, back office and front of store recycling systems, cash counters and sorters, and software solutions to businesses across banking, retail, hospitality, gaming, and cash in transit around the world.

Consillion required a brand extension, with a comprehensive suite of icons for use across digital and print mediums, as well as a full redesign of their website to showcase Consillion’s industry leadership.

What we did


We were tasked with not only creating a redesign of the website, but also creating new icons for their branding to showcase Consillion’s industry leadership. We started with researching the entirety of their company and its history, their leadership team, their competitors and industry. Then worked with their team to refine the ideas before shifting into the design phase.


First stop was adding to the Consillion branding by designing 50 Static Icons and 15 Animated Icons for use across their site and media. Once the icons were confirmed and integrated into the brand guidelines, the adjustments were applied to the website in line with the styling changes suggested. Creating a more dynamic and engaging website experience.


We meticulously developed a cutting-edge website for Consillion, spotlighting their global cash management solutions. Our focus was on delivering impactful first impressions and a seamless user journey. Through intuitive navigation, we aimed to generate leads and streamline inquiries, fostering meaningful engagement. The result is an industry-leading platform that showcases Consillion’s reputation and expertise while driving interaction and strengthening their global position.

Project outcomes

With an in-depth understanding of Consillion’s global presence as an independent provider of cash management solutions, we tailored an innovative digital strategy. Our goal was to develop a cutting-edge website design that ensures a comprehensive, informative, and user-friendly initial impression. The objective was to modernise and spotlight Consillion’s expertise in minimising costs and streamlining cash processes. Notably, our focus was to simplify their array of solutions, categories, and information for effortless differentiation and review.

Our redesign was centred on enhancing Consillion’s brand narrative while optimising user interactions. We strategically restructured their diverse range of solutions to enhance clarity, infusing their legacy into a captivating online narrative that resonates with the audience.

By crafting an unparalleled user experience, we established Consillion as an industry leader in website design. Employing impactful aesthetics and intuitive navigation, we revitalised Consillion’s online presence, showcasing their esteemed global cash management solutions and facilitating efficient lead generation.