Baxter Boots

Baxter Boots & Shoes is a manufacturer and wholesaler of iconic riding boots, western boots, work boots, gum boots, and more.

Since 1850, Baxter has been known around Australia for their meticulously-made range of hardy footwear. Their boots are sold across the country for the retail market, police and defence forces among many others.

They approached nucleo for help achieving their goal of strengthening their brand awareness and increasing product revenue in their stores around Australia.

Our market research showed there was a large potential audience focusing specifically on work boots via video advertising. So our team’s objective was to create brand awareness and improve revenue through a promotional TV commercial.

The Baxter Boots story is one of success and determination that continues through five generations of Aussie boot makers. We wanted to highlight the brand’s longevity and family values, while also showing off the different styles of boots and how they handle everyday conditions — “Footwear for wherever life takes you”. We compiled footage of the men’s, women’s and children’s boots being worn and walked through various locations, edited with seamless transitions for lively and dynamic results.

Improving brand visibility

Our production time for videos like this is efficient and well-practiced. We use the same videographer or small team throughout the project to ensure the final video is consistent in style and tone.

Our team travelled to Goulburn to communicate directly with the client, discuss the concept and script, and obtain authentic footage. To create that central focus on Baxter Footwear’s long heritage, footage was captured of families wearing the products in diverse settings — including Baxter’s factory, manor, and Lyton Farm.

The final product was aired on regional TV and through digital advertising with great success.

Creating a timeless product catalogue

Following the positive feedback from our video production services, Baxter Boots also enlisted nucleo to create a comprehensive catalogue to show off their diverse range of products. This product catalogue needed to be clean and uncluttered; we highlighted each item with simple product-only graphics complemented by vibrant imagery that reflected the brand’s rugged Australian heritage.

Baxter intends to use this product catalogue for several years, so they required a modern design that wouldn’t age before its time.  The catalogue also needed to be informative and functional, allowing shop owners to manage and order Baxter products easily.

The final deliverable boasted a polished design that showcased the Baxter boot ranges in the best possible light. The catalogues have been received very well in all stores, and will ideally continue to promote the brand and its products for many years to come.