Goose on the Loose

Helping an award-winning premium salami supplier grow with branding, digital marketing and a new E-commerce website.

Goose on the Loose was proudly established by Adrian Greygoose and his team who had a passion for creating authentic smallgoods and specifically, premium salami.

Steering away from mass produced salami filled with cheap, unnatural ingredients, Goose on the Loose is a premium brand of salami that is made with Australian produced meat and the finest, highly sought after ingredients.

Although their produce may be considered more expensive, they believe that quality is the benchmark, not price. The Goose on the Loose team attend events each week, often selling their range of eleven salami flavours at markets most weekends and in 2019 they realised there was more potential to grow online and improve their branding. That’s where nucleo stepped in.

What we did

Website design and development

Our highly experienced web developers worked with our graphic designers to design and update the Goose on the Loose website to improve functionality, increase SEO and showcase modern branding across the website. When it comes to web design, a well thought out process achieves fantastic results for our clients.

Branding and creative design

Goose on the Loose wanted to improve their presence across their social media platforms and re develop their branding. Between our marketing team, graphic designers and photographers, we strive to create and photograph appealing, high quality, product images and graphics to showcase their award winning, premium salami and boost customer engagement. We also delved into new creative designs for their logo, banners, pamphlets and product packaging that communicate who they are as a brand.

Strategic marketing

We knew the importance of developing a larger audience of followers and subscribers which would eventually lead to an increase in online sales. We focused on increasing brand awareness through social media marketing, electronic digital marketing, marketing campaigns and advertisements. Our skilled marketing team continuously observe Goose on the Loose’ website, social media and Mailchimp analytics to gain insight into what strategies gain the highest results.

Our approach


Our marketing team has worked closely with the client to improve the brand’s image and boost online sales since January 2020.

We focused largely on social media platforms, in particular Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools where we implemented paid advertisements, electronic digital marketing, discount sales, social media campaigns and giveaways as well as a revamp on the style of images used across these platforms.

Our marketing team developed a carefully thought out social media calendar and organised bi monthly product photoshoots with our in house photographer. 

The next biggest consideration was an updated website – the face of Goose on the Loose 24/7. Our graphic designers along with our web developers put pen to paper, mouse to screen, to think about what would and wouldn’t achieve great results.


After extensive research and many close discussions with our client, we delved into the overall customer experience – what is it that customers are looking for and what leaves a lasting impression?

Our team at nucleo designed a new logo, style guide, event banners, graphics and pamphlets that would communicate the brand that was made out of love for high quality, Australian made salami.

The website was designed with blog and recipe features, a stockist locator, easy to use e-commerce and a page for the story behind Goose on the Loose and their well deserved awards. We also look forward to working with Goose on the Loose to design new product packaging in the near future. 


Our team didn’t just update their existing website and improve their social media pages. We developed much more than that.

By updating their website, we also developed an easy online inventory and order management system for their staff located within the website, a communication platform between customer and company via the contact page, an inclusive online place to purchase salami for those who can’t attend markets and pages for customers to share salami recipes and platters.

All of these functions were carefully thought about and designed to make the staff and customer experience simple and satisfactory.

Project outcomes

Ongoing growth strategies

Our team doesn’t just think about the big picture, we think about the smaller, more complex aspects. We design with experience and confidence and develop brands that perform and websites that are more convenient to operate as a whole, whether you are a business owner or a customer. Then we partner with you to help drive your vision forwards and achieve meaningful growth.