Invest Blue

Invest Blue is a team of financial planners and advisers dedicated to helping Australians to achieve their plans and dreams.

They offer tailored, high quality financial advice in rural, coastal and city locations across Queensland and NSW. Invest Blue needed a high-quality website to move their brand forward into the digital marketing space. Our aim was to tell the Invest Blue story and promote Invest Blue’s brand of expertise to new and existing customers.

Video is a great way to reach new clients, connect with existing customers, and educate people about your business.

Our aim for Invest Blue was to produce engaging video content that would enhance brand recognition, build trust, and provide valuable information about products, services and company differentiation.

These videos included brand positioning videos based around the “It’s possible” ideal, quick and informative product videos, client stories, training videos and internal communications.

These videos were utilised in a cross-media strategy across the website and various social media platforms to maximise content reach.

Website Design and Development

Invest Blue wanted to make a vast amount of information, articles, case studies and products available through their website. We knew they needed a site that was intuitive, easy to use, and geared towards brand awareness.

Our main priority was to create a seamless user experience (UX). We improved navigation, added valuable financial resources, and provided additional landing pages. We also optimised the content and made it easier for users to access information by improving the in-text keyword density and adding high quality metadata to each web page.

On-site financial tools and calculators were created to promote a greater level of trust for the brand. These resources are positively perceived by clients and potential clients as ‘free information’, and have proven successful in starting a dialogue between the audience and the Invest Blue brand. Fact sheets, articles and case studies have also been effective in reducing bounce rate and improving conversion.

Our website design and development team worked with the Invest Blue team to educate them about SERP listings, titles and meta descriptions, allowing them to optimise their blog posts and landing pages unassisted.

Content strategy

At the time of partnering with nucleo, Invest Blue was struggling achieving brand awareness and the lack of cohesion while working with other external marketing partners. With nucleo, they were able to develop a cohesive and coordinated marketing strategy that included a variety of integrated marketing services.

We developed a content marketing strategy that built on their existing branding and culture to improve brand awareness both internally and externally. With content marketing, you can target your audience and provide them with irresistible content that meets their needs.

We helped Invest Blue test and learn across multiple channels, topics and audiences, and ultimately identify the best means of showing leadership, building trust, and advertising to targeted customers.

Project outcomes

An improvement in brand awareness

nucleo left no stone unturned, continuing to improve brand awareness with a wide range of professional designed collateral. This included brochures, internal newsletters, infographic, Facebook graphics, pull-up banners, name badges, business cards, yearbooks, magazine ads, luggage tags, umbrellas — you name it, we’ve probably designed it. The result was a fully cohesive and consistent brand experience that carried across pixels and print.

An ongoing relationship

We have been their design partner now since 2015, and we produce all internal and external marketing collateral. The partnership has grown over the years as both businesses have flourished. We are proud to say that there is now enough trust in the relationship, that they know we can deliver what they need, when they need it. Be it a creative take on an internal document or any form of marketing collateral, they come to us for a well executed design and print job. We have been building the Invest Blue brand ever since, with style guides, posters, brochures, internal collateral and EFTPOS cards – the sky really is the limit.