Blogging — a year in review

9th December 2015 :: Marketing

Blogging can be used as a powerful marketing tactic for any business. Blog posts can help to generate new leads, attract potential clients, drive site traffic, and more. No one understands this better than núcleo, as we have seen great results from our expanding blog page over the past few months.

The statistics:

Our most popular blog posts of 2015 have included:

Using Flexbox for Modal Dialogs

The Nucleo Workplace Weirdos

Fabulising Your Website

This year, 693 people have engaged with our blog. The majority — 37.81% — found our blog posts through Google Organic Search, a great way of reaching potential new customers.

The next main source of traffic — 33.05% — were people we had linked directly to our content, such as with Mailchimp referrals, which connect our business with existing customers.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus were to thank for another 26.98% of people engaging with the blogs. These visitors were a combination of existing and potential customers being reached.

Of the people who read one of our blog posts, 17.2% continued through the website to read more about our company, view more from our blog posts, or visit our ‘contact us’ page.

But how has this affected our overall traffic?

Year on year:

  • A 236% increase in sessions.
  • A 341% increase in users.
  • A 176% increase in page views.

Some interesting demographic trends:

The age bracket of our website visitors has moved from predominately 25-34 year olds to mostly 35-44 year olds, while we have moved from a 60% male audience to almost a direct split across genders.

Device switch has also been interesting, as mobile traffic accounted for less than 10% of our traffic in 2014, and over 50% this year — that’s an 861% growth!

Into the future:

Our blog posts have helped núcleo to strengthen its reach and improve its site traffic; and we predict that our posts, both old and new, will continue to create great returns for our business.

The good news is that núcleo can help your business to benefit from these same advantages. Get in contact with our team today and discover the benefits of blogging as part of your marketing plan.

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