Light Up My Life

InsightsRead time: 1 min

When it comes to lighting in video production, there are many techniques, technologies and tricks to take into consideration. This includes (take a deep breath): key lighting, fill lighting, backlighting, hair lighting, natural lighting, one/two/three/four point lighting, the use of colour gels, creating foreground/background contrast, and more.

It is important to get your lighting set-up right. Improper lighting can reduce the quality of your video production, reflect poorly on your product or service, and immediately cast a shadow (see what I did there?) over your business. It can also lead to more time and money being spent reshooting and editing the content.

Effective lighting is a powerful way to determine the mood and tone of your video. By controlling the highlights, shadows, and colour of your scene, you can add intensity, drama, depth, focus, contrast, and quality to your video.

Jono (nucleo’s creative director) will take you through the basics of a video lighting set-up, and share some of the knowledge we use for your content marketing.

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