Julieanne St George – delivering tea straight to your door

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Julieanne St George — Tea Expert & Enthusiast

Is there anything better than a cup of tea? With great health benefits and so many flavours to choose from, it’s no wonder why more and more people are dusting off their teapots and boiling their kettles. In fact, getting fresh tea has never been easier! Thanks to iTea, everyone in the Illawarra and all around Australia can enjoy the widest selection of loose leaf teas and tea bags.

iTea is an online supplier of teaware, gifts, and some of the world’s finest teas that can be delivered straight to your door Australia-wide. Julieanne St George, owner of iTea and a loyal tea enthusiast, joined nucleo for a cuppa and a chat.

Julieanne was born in Wollongong and spent the first 28 years of her life there. She has lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and the US. But she has always called the Illawarra ‘home’.

After Julieanne’s husband retired from Corporate America, they decided to settle in Wollongong and purchase a tea company, which they have now been running for over seven years. Julieanne grew up drinking tea, and her appreciation for a good brew increased when she met her husband, who grew up on a tea plantation in Sri Lanka. After taking over iTea, the passionate tea-drinkers made the company their own by sourcing premium tea from Sri Lanka, China and around the world, making them readily available in Australia.

iTea supplies a massive range of high quality black, green and white teas, plus herbal tisanes, fruit teas, blooming teas, authentic teaware and much more. Julieanne loves the challenges of running a business, and enthuses that no two days are ever the same. She aims to continue growing the iTea brand and ignite a new passion for tea around the country.

“I’ve gone through a lot of learning in the past six or seven years,” Julieanne says. “I want to make the business successful, and I think you have to be passionate and work very, very hard to do that.”

nucleo extends their thanks to Julieanne for taking part in our Local Stories series — and for giving all of us access to some of the world’s most unique and delicious teas!