Asea Residences

Branding, creative design, website development and video production for a stylish new Wollongong real estate development.

ASEA, meaning “towards the sea” is a place where life is uninterrupted and embraces the ultimate fusion of convenience and lifestyle.

Due for completion in November 2021, ASEA Residences will have 88 apartments and penthouses for sale. A request from Blaq Real Estate to develop a name and brand for the building along with multiple marketing assets, inspired our design and marketing teams to create a modern, luxurious and uninterrupted impression for their specific target market.

What we did

Branding and creative design

Firstly, no apartment building can progress without a name. Our marketing team put their thinking caps on and brainstormed a compilation of names and taglines for this 88 apartment building in construction. After a unanimous vote from Blaq Real Estate employees, the beautiful name “ASEA” was chosen and “where life is uninterrupted” became the impressive tagline.  

This inspired the graphic design team to envision what life would look like living in one of these apartments with seaside or escarpment views. ASEA’s brand was born with a palette of deep blues, hues of taupe and a multitude of building renders, local and seaside imagery. 

A 20 page brochure and a number of flyers by floor and apartment were required for Blaq Real Estate Agents to hand out to budding property buyers. We designed a brochure that would promote the building’s contemporary features, Wollongong and its surrounds, the convenient location of ASEA and informative real estate statistics. Flyers with floor plans, layouts and necessary information were also designed.

Website design and development

Our graphic design team worked together with our web developers to design and develop a user friendly website with a registration form as an essential means of contact for interested buyers. The website encapsulated the heart of ASEA, with simple and uncomplicated navigation, yet detailed renders, striking imagery, a location map and important information drawn from the brochure.

Strategic marketing

A social media presence is essential for real estate in 2021, where building an active and engaging audience of potential buyers is ultimately the best way to communicate new investment opportunities. Nucleo worked in partnership with Blaq Real Estate to establish new Facebook and Instagram accounts which would promote ASEA. Our digital marketing and design experts developed a social media calendar with 32 social media posts including graphics, images, captions, Call To Actions (CTA’s) and hashtags as well as a plan for social media advertising in the lead up to the completion of ASEA’s construction.

Our approach


Our marketing team carefully researched Wollongong’s selling points, demographics, real estate statistics, local attractions and the convenience of the location of ASEA. We worked closely with Blaq Real Estate to establish the requirements of the project, their key target market and their visions for the brand. After extensive research, we put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and started developing text for the 20 page brochure that would incorporate fine details, descriptive language and informative statistics. This detailed copy would be the basis for the written copy across the website, social media platforms and the flyers. 


Our graphic design team took this information on board to give the brand vision and bring it to life. In the beginning, we settled on the name ASEA and from there, our graphic designers were able to design a stunning style guide to depict an uninterrupted lifestyle on the Wollongong coast. They carefully designed a brand logo and the layout of the apartment flyers and brochure which would set ASEA apart from other apartment buildings in Wollongong, giving it a relaxed, upmarket and coastal portrayal. They also chose, edited and designed 32 social media assets to compliment the written copy for each post listed in the social media calendar. Finally, they designed a sleek, modern and user friendly website layout to pass on to our web developers. 


The final stage was the development of a bespoke one page website which would include a registration form and contact details for interested buyers. We understand that in today’s competitive real estate market, a branded website with relevant information, visuals and a registration of interest form, can really outdo just a simple listing on the real estate agency’s website. This website was the point of contact for interested buyers and we made sure a CTA would be present across each social media post, ultimately linking them to the ASEA website. 

Our goal was to design and develop a simple, user-friendly website that gave minimal important information as well as exterior and interior renders of the building with the intent to persuade potential buyers to register their interest and get in contact with Blaq Real Estate.

Project outcomes

Unique branding

Our talented team of graphic designers and marketing gurus built a brand from start to finish, carefully thinking about the client’s requests and bringing their visions to life. ASEA will be a permanent residential building amongst many others in Wollongong, which is why the unique branding is so incredibly important. It was our utmost priority to ensure that future residents would be proud to call ASEA home.