Regional Australia Bank

Regional Australia Bank, formerly Community Mutual Group, has been operating throughout regional NSW for over 50 years.

As a customer-owned bank, they are passionate about the financial well-being of their members and the sustainability of their communities.

nucleo collaborates with Regional Australia Bank on a variety of media and marketing projects, working across product offerings, community engagement, and stakeholder education to communicate the value of Regional Australia Bank.

As a member-owned bank operating in regional Australia, community interaction is crucial to the success of the brand. In fact, providing value to local communities is an inherent part of Regional Australia Bank’s foundation. Striving to see regional Australia prosper, Regional Australia Bank uses their profits to fund community projects.

Their offering includes: ‘Heart of Our Community’, a program that provides seed funding to projects in regional communities; and the ‘Community Partnerships Program’, a unique bank account that uses the accrued interest as a donation for community projects. Both programs provide a unique avenue for communities to receive benefits from the bank.

Heart of Our Community allows the community to vote on where they would like money to go. Community members can present a project and have others vote to support that project. The bank then diverts funds to assist that project to get off the ground. The Community Partnerships Program allows customers to create a bank account that supports a project that you are passionate about helping, such as a specific community project or support for individuals with disabilities or cancer.

At its heart, Regional Australia Bank is about giving back and using their profits to drive regional prosperity.

We partner with Regional Australia Bank to capture unique stories, express their point of difference from other banking institutions, and communicate exactly how the bank supports and enriches their local communities.

We produce a wide range of videos, from individual community stories to events that embrace an entire region. Our production team travels around Australia to ensure they are always on the ground when events happen, allowing them to capture and share authentic ‘live’ footage. We focus on creating a story with meaning, with videos that connect strongly with the community.

Our goal is to share the value that the bank places in regional Australia. We embrace that notion in our vision, interviewing key stakeholders, obtaining local testimonies, filming the effects of the programs, and capturing the raw emotion of support that is being offered.

The results speak for themselves: the bank is on track to give away $1 million dollars to regional communities in the next year.

Project outcomes

Connecting with a target audience

nucleo’s goal was to connect with a younger age demographic that have either accrued debt and need to find a way to manage their spending, or need a better product for what they are trying to achieve. We produced a humorous campaign with exaggerated visual ideas to complement the messages such as ‘Time to stop drowning in debt?’, ‘Time for a better fit?’ and so on. The result was a fun and engaging production that connected our target demographic back to the product.

Educating customers in complex banking

Banking is complex; it’s something that all financial institutions manage on a day-to-day basis. The key to simplification is education. To foster clear communication for Regional Australia Bank’s products, we produced a variety of infographics and animations that break down information into engaging and interesting education pieces.

Our central goal with each infographic was to simplify the complicated. By using uncluttered visuals and concise language, we are able to clearly communicate Regional Australia Bank’s propositions, while reinforcing their stance as a people-oriented institution.